J del Olmo Bridal Gallery and Couture Frequently asked Questions
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*Do I need an appointment to try on wedding gowns?

Appointments are highly recommended, although we always try our best to accommodate walk-ins. Please feel free to bring any pictures of gowns you may like.

*How long does it take to order a bridal gown?

For brand name designers, depending on the time of year, a dress can take 4-6 months to come in. However, some designers have quicker delivery times or offer a rush service.

*Do all dresses need to be ordered, or can I buy one of the samples?

All the dresses in our store do need to be ordered, however we do have an extensive selection of samples that may be purchased if you need a gown immediately. If your wedding is soon rush charges may be available, depending on the designer, factory schedules, and time constraints. There is always a charge for rushing in a gown, which is determined by each designer.

*How much of a deposit is needed to order a gown?

At least 50% of the total purchase is due in order to order a gown. The balance is due when the gown comes in.
*Are alterations included with my gown?

Alterations are an additional charge. Alteration charges vary depending on the style of gown, the fabric, detail, and the alterations needed.

*What do I need at the alteration fitting?

You will need any undergarment being worn on the wedding day including the bra, slip, spanx, and shoes.

*How many fittings will I need?

Once you have received notice that your gown has arrived you may come in during the week to try on the gown and see how it is fitting. About a month before the wedding we will schedule another fitting where we actually start the alterations. In total you will have about 3-5 fittings before you pick up your gown.

*I will be traveling with my wedding gown. What is the best way to transport it?

If you're flying, please contact your airline. Ask if you can store your gown in the first-class compartment.
They'll have room to hang the gown in its bag. Never pack your gown in your suitcase.
If you're driving, you can lay the gown in its bag, of course across the back seat.
If you're traveling with your bridal gown, you may also want to have any final pressing / steaming done at your destination.

*Can I get a fabric swatch?

You can request a fabric swatch for bridal and bridesmaid gowns when you place your order. Dessy and After six swatches can be ordered on their website.

*How long does it take to order a bridesmaids gown?

Bridesmaid gowns take about 3 1/2 months to come in, but can also be ordered on a rush for an additional charge that varies according to manufacturer and how quickly you need the gown. It usually varies from $15 - $30 per dress.

*How long does it take to order a flower girl dress?

Some flower girl gowns can arrive within 2 weeks, others can take up to 1 1/2 months.

*Can I bring my bridal gown to you after the wedding for cleaning and preservation?

We offer dry cleaning and preservation service for bridal gowns at a discounted rate for our customers. Simply bring your gown back to our salon along with any accessories you would like to have included.

*Are pictures allowed during my visit?
For your privacy we do not allow pictures.


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